ARA Circular Innovation Award Night

The final ceremony for the ARA Circular Innovation Award 2018 was held at the AIL on the 12.09. As mentioned on our website, we know that Circular Economy can only be supported by unconventional and unprecedented solutions, so we set on a quest to find the boldest, most daring and creative ideas, which we could recognize for their hard work, uniqueness and determination.
We wanted to ensure maximum fairness, so we introduced three categories (you can see the detailed description here: ) and a carefully picked jury chose three winners prior to the ceremony. What was left, however, to the audience was voting for a team, which would get a chance to travel to Brussels and pitch their idea in Belgium’s capital city.

The night begun with a warm welcome, introduction of all finalists and explanation of the award itself. This was followed by five minute pitches from each of the finalists, to which they prepared during a training day held in August. After each presentation the audience was allowed to ask up to three questions in order to clarify any doubts. When all participants managed to present, the audience put their voting papers, received at the entrance, to use and collectively choose the overall winner.

The votes were counted during a 15 minute break, after which we announced the champions, which were as follows:
Category A, Circular Idea: Bauen mit Natur
Category B, Circular Business Plan: Kern Tec
Category C, Circular Product: Fitico Sportswear
The winner of the trip to Brussels : Bauen mit Natur.

We would like to congratulate all participants. It was an honour to see your proposals and we wish you all the best for the future!