Disruptive Innovations in the building sector

On the 25th of April, the next highlight in our series of events took place. This time, the focus of the talk was on disruptive innovations in the building sector. The importance of this very sector with respect to circular economy is a major one, which is not only due to the enormous amount of waste but also due to the complexity of the waste coming from construction. Therefore, we were and still are proud that non less than Werner-Heinz Bittner joined us.

As the CEO of Umdasch Group Ventures, an innovation hub with focus on disruptive innovations in the construction sector, Mr. Bittner had plenty of interesting input to deliver. Starting of from defining what innovation is and what it shall be focused on, followed by narrowing this down to respective sectors and eventually offering insights into the future of the construction sector, the talk was well structured and informative for both, interested listeners as well as experts. Major aspects such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, or Building Information Modeling (BIM) were raised and explained.

After a long but interesting talk, most people still stayed and took the chance to ask further detailed questions, which for us is the best endorsement possible that the event was a success.