Repair Workshop for Kids

On October 20th the ARA Innovation Space in co-operation with Project Permanere, the 100-year old washing machine and energie & reparatur café organized a repair workshop for children between 8 and 14 years at the University of Applied Arts.

The workshop was subdivided into 4 stations where the kids could discover different aspects of repair, reuse and recycling.

Do you know how to change a flat tire, or how to exchange your brakes and check your gears?

The first station was about bicycle repair and taught the children exactly that and the kids loved doing hands on work.

At the second station we learnt about the difficulties of repairing electronics, due to their initial design. The kids had the chance to unscrew laptops and learn about the variety of materials laptops and phones are composed of. They enjoyed unscrewing the different parts so much, it was hard to make them move on to the next station.

However, once they realized what was happening at the next station, they were again satisfied: several interactive games on how to separate and recycle waste. Our colleague Antonia also prepared a memory game where the children had to find items they could substitute with more sustainable options such as plastic bottles with refillable drinking bottles.

The fourth station was about a topic, the innovation space has been dealing with a lot: Clothing. Our young guests were introduced to the different fabrics most of our clothing is made of and learnt about the long ways our garments have to be transported from Asia where most of it is produced.

After each workshop session, we all sat down in a circle and shared our learnings – it was an inspiring and enjoyable day with a very motivated and curious group of kids.